The release party was AWESOME!  Thanks to everyone who came out to meet us and get books signed.  We couldn’t ask for better backers and fans! We were so busy we didn’t take many pics, but a few were snapped of us.

HUGE thanks to Challengers Comics for hosting us.  We were all so excited to finally get a chance to contribute to the Challengers art wall.

Daniel Warren Johnson came by last night to finish up the sketches for backer rewards at the “Together Forever” level.  He showed up with a Pink headband, which he claims ‘helps him make deadlines’.  

We watched The Dirty Dozen (which Dan had never seen!?!?) and had some brew & pie.  I drew a drawing of Prophet, cuz you know… why not.

First round of packages have been sent out!  We’re working our way through the mailing list.  Thanks for your patience!

- Tyrell