Speculative Relationships meetup!!!
The amazing and elusive Rinko Endo was in town (from JAPAN) tonight! We got the crew together for drinks, drawing, and good times. Rinko, Dan, Izzy, Scott, and Tyrell shared some laughs and reviewed eachothers stories for the first time. We are So Pumped for y’all to see this book!

Sadly, Mike Mano was in California, but joined us in spirit.

So, since we are still working on putting all the pieces together, we wanted to give you all a treat for being the awesome, patient people you are.  Here’s what you are seeing:

1. back cover design, featuring a fresh illustration from the man, Mike Manomivibul!

2. Scott Kroll’s "4 out of 5"

3. Isabella Rotman’s "The Dream Program"

4. Tyrell Cannon’s "Corridor-C"

5. Daniel Warren Johnson’s "The Purest Form"

Anonymous asked:

hello, I just found this tumblr and now I gotta ask: Will this anthology be available for purchase after its finished or is it exclusively for people who backed the kickstarter? If the former: Will there be an option to pay with paypal?

We will definitely have it for sale after we have fulfilled all our Kickstarter orders.

There will also be a PayPal option. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get copies!